Tiny Square Paintings

This is a drawing I did on a 6 x 6 piece of paper. It is based on a sketch I did a year or so ago of my in-law’s tractor. I love the combination of weathered metal and bright colors! This painting and the one of the door below were both painted to be presents for Molly’s birthday. I gave them to her last week, but her birthday was in June. Sighhhh, at least I got them to her before Christmas! It is good to have a fellow crafter as a friend as they are very understanding about late presents!

This painting is the same size as the one above and is a drawing of an Italian door. I saw many doors like this when I lived in Florence and traveled around Italy. The black box on the right of the door is the buzzer which visitors use to contact the people who live in the apartments behind this door (Yes, lots of people live in big apartments in these old stone buildings in downtown Florence). The apartment dwellers then buzz their guests in. Some of the doors are so heavy that a mechanism was put into place to make it easier to open and close the door. The pensione (guest hotel type place) I stayed in had big doors but they weren’t big enough to be mechanized. Still I had to haul on the brass handles with all my body weight to get the darn things to open and they always creaked close behind you, slamming into place only by the time I was on the first landing of the marble steps. Drawing things that remind me of my time spent in Italy always makes me simultaneously happy and sad. I had such a wonderful time when I was there and I still miss it from time to time. Hopefully someday, I will be able to go back to visit!


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