Now You Can All Start Playing Christmas Music

because Thanksgiving is over! In my family we always observed strict holiday rules. Christmas does not start until after Thanksgiving. That may mean that Christmas music gets played at 6 am the next day as we prepare to go out and get ourselves a tree, but it still was AFTER Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday that deserves to be celebrated in its own right. I hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time ever and it went quite well! 9 for dinner and 12 for dessert fit cozily into our little house. However, the amount of dished and silverware we went through was absolutely staggering!

Alright, enough with the chatter, on with the crafting!

I made this cute little thing from Jeni of In Color Order’s tutorial. I love this tutorial SO MUCH. Lime green and pink makes me really happy, not to mention the snail flowers.

This was the first time I’d spun a fiber that had a lot of white space and it created a very nice mellow range of colors. It is a merino and tussah silk blend and I got just slightly under 200 yards of it.


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