Teeny Ornaments

I love knitting tiny things. They are fiddly as heck to do, but they are so adorable that I just can’t resist them. Cast in point, these Advent Calender Mitten Ornaments.


This mitten ornament has a cute story. Once I finished knitting it I wanted to embroider a heart on it. I tried twice and each time ended up pulling it out, muttering in frustration until Luke came over to offer sage advice. Finally I gave up and did a simple star design on one side. The next morning I got up, had breakfast and then picked up the mitten to sew in my loose ends. Flipping the mitten inside out I was aghast at how many stitches of white I saw on the inside of the mitten. While my star looked fine on the outside, I must have really messed up the underside of the stitches. After much puzzling I turned the mitten right side out and stared at….a Heart! A heart that I did not stitch! This was not the work of magical knitting elves. No. While I had still been sleeping, Luke had stitched a heart on my mitten before he left for work that morning. He is such a sweet guy.

This is a second mitten ornament, sitting on my deck rail this frosty morning. I knit it for a friend who told me she wanted one after I showed my first mitten ornament off at knit night. I haven’t embroidered anything on it. I bet she is better at it than me!

I have started spinning a dramatic combed top in the colors of black, blue, pink, and green. I am very excited to see how it turns out!




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