I like to have granola with yogurt for breakfast on most mornings. The problem is, I am really picky when it comes to granola. I don’t really like it to have nuts or dried fruit in it and I don’t like it to be too sugary. As you can imagine, this makes finding a good granola a bit tricky. I’ve found that Honey Bunches Just the Clusters is an easily available delicious option. The one problem is that it is $4 for a tiny box! Since it is so simple in composition I decided I should try to make my own granola.

For my first try I used this recipe from HillBilly Housewife. It turned out pretty well (not completely sogged with vegetable oil which is how my very very first try to make granola over a year ago), but is still missing some of the flavor of the boxed granola. I’m going to continue to tinker with the recipe until it is just perfect!

I also have started another crafting project: a basket made of plastic bags to hold my yarn (I have a lot of yarn as you may have guessed and a lot of plastic bags). I gathered some colorful plastic bags, rolled them into narrow cylinders and began to coil them around each other, tacking them in place with scrap yarn. I have gotten as far as the base of the basket and am just beginning to stack the coils on top of each other to make the walls of the basket.




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