WARNING: Art in Progress

As the snow has piled up around us in our snug house and the list of holiday crafting dwindled my art supplies decided to come out and play.


These two primary color canvases are reading for me to reiterate my sketch onto them. I am planning to leave these colors showing through the next few layers of color. The red painted one will be mostly blue while the yellow one will be mostly green. I’m a rank beginner when it comes to painting in acrylic. I always expect it to act like watercolor and it doesn’t, not even if you thin it down with water. However, I must confess that I am madly in love with saturated color so I’ll just keep bumbling along with my brushes in hand.


This is a painting, partially done, of a scene on 2nd avenue in Spokane near the greyhound station. I took the photo on this side table in an attempt to get it as close to the natural light emanating gently from the window.  I was taken by the brick old buildings embellished by the elk mural. What made it for me though was the addition of bold graffiti placed just under the elk. It spoke to the crossroads of rural and urban life that occurs all over Spokane.

Speaking of rural….


This is a John Deer Tractor. It is not painted yet, but it is a bright and cheery yellow. It has a back hoe attachment on it’s end and scoop on the front. I call it Puff as in Puff the Magic Dragon because the back hoe reminds me of a tail and this tractor definitely puffs when going up a hill! I sketched this in pencil in July with the sun beating down on my head. I successfully managed to not get sunscreen on the paper, but still got a sunburn! I fended off curious border collies and a then-puppy Newfoundland who wanted to mouth my pencil. Finally I have inked it up and I am excited to see how it looks in color!




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