In the Middle

I am in the middle of working on so many things! I guess that is just part of the holidays…

I spun a bobbin full of grey-brown finnsheep wool that I bought from Sandra at Solace Farm before holiday gift making took over my attention. The yarn that I am making is lovely and I really wish I had bought the whole fleece! White fleece is considered more valuable by the commercial wool business because it is easy to dye, but I find that as a handspinner, I love the beautiful natural shades that sheep come in!


A friend asked me to knit her daughter a flower headband in her favorite colors-black and purple. Finding the yarn to make this was a bit of a challenge as both friend and daughter are allergic to lanolin and thus can’t wear wool. It is a tragedy. I stopped in the process to take a picture of the flower, but I am almost done with the whole headband as we speak! I hope it is teenager approved!


I used the Little Knitted Flowers pattern by Laura Doty. The petals curve so that the purl side shows far more than the knit side and I find that I like the effect.


This picture depicts me in the middle of making my Christmas present for my FIL. I’m betting that you can guess what I am making just by the tools on the table! What do you think? You get extra points if you can tell me what the chopstick is for!

Good luck to you all in finishing all the projects you are “In the Middle” of!



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