Bread Machine: Just As Awesome As I Expected

Recently, Luke and I attended his company’s Christmas party out in Coeur D’Alene. The company fed  us a lovely dinner and provided giant sumo suits for the staff to wear in mortal combat with each other, inciting mass hilarity with their antics. We were also given raffle tickets…now I hardly ever win anything in competitions or drawings, but, as people who know me can attest, I like to win. So I decided to strategize. Luke didn’t care what happened with his tickets, so they became mine de facto and I circled the prizes, finally determining that out of the many options, there was only one object that I really desperately wanted. Rather than spread my tickets out among several prizes I instead shoved 22 raffle tickets in the box marked “Bread Machine,” my eyes alight with greed.  I then wandered off, playing it cool, lest someone else decide to get into a “raffle war” with me-like a bidding war in an auction, but with raffle tickets.

My strategy paid off! One of my tickets was drawn and I won the Bread Machine.



This is the fanciest bread machine I have ever seen! So shiny and with so many buttons!


Inside it is the bowl where the dough gets mixed, currently it is full of measuring devices.

I decided to test out my bread machine by making some lovely homemade pizza dough. It came out wonderfully!


This pizza got a little overcooked , but my first one came out perfect. All I have left of it is a photo of one slice!


I will definitely have to make it again!


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