Finished Fibery Finery

Say that five times fast~!

I recently finished knitting my not-So-“Urgent Hat” by Julia Farwell Clay out of some chunky handspun. It looks completely ridiculous with the ridges bulging across my head, but it will keep me very warm and was knitted loosely enough that I will be able to wear it without crushing my hair. I am thinking of making an enormous pink flower to go on it in order to really push it over the line into craziness. Just so everyone is clear on where we stand.


I also attended a fiber dyeing day and dyed some lovely Suffolk and Poly-pay handspun. I split up the skein and dyed part of it kettle style in blue dye. The other skein was dyed using a squeeze bottle to place colors at random. Dyeing was both easy and fun! Next summer I will look for cheap crock pots at the yard sales because they make excellent dye pots as they maintain a constant temperature and the ceramic lining is non-reactive.


The two shades go well together and I am excited to knit something with them!

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