Two Buckets, A Toilet Plugger, and A Pair of Slippers

These are the things brought by Molly to my front door. No, we are not embarking on some strange cleaning expedition. We are felting!

Molly knit herself slippers out of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky which is a wool/mohair blend. Molly didn’t want to try felting them in her washing machine in case the floating fiber strands clogged the machine. Her solution? Use a toilet plunger to beat on the slippers while submerging the knitting in alternately hot soapy water and clean cold water to shock the fibers into shrinking.




Despite this violent and strange ritual, a pair of lovely slippers were produced!


It was decided that little flowers would make the slippers even cuter. We cast around and Molly chose two of the flower pins I made recently and placed them on the toes. Adorable!




She reports that not only are they “squee-worthy” they are also very comfortable. I sense many more slippers to come!


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