Sunny Day Excitement


Today was a glorious, sunny day. My husband likes to say that there is a “perfect” week in January that makes up for all the rest of winter. During that week the sky is blue, the sun dazzles the eye, the snow sparkles. It is cold but not too cold to go outside and enjoy the beauty of winter. One week to remind us that winter has its charms just as much as fall or spring or summer. I took heed. It is only one week after all! I used the sun to snap a photo of a recent arrival Norrundsby by Into The Whirled, a beautiful fiber braid made of BFL. Then, in the afternoon, my camera and I headed outside.



This is a picture of our back yard garden shed, soon to be chicken coop, and the its improvements. I painted the door and Luke added a snow cover onto the back so that the chickens would have some shelter in the winter. Obviously we would keep it better cleared off if we actually had chickens….

Further down the road I encountered this posted on one of the electrical poles in front of a neighbor’s house.


I find it both funny and terrifying. Here’s hoping they are at least partially kidding. I will definitely make sure I bring cookies when I go to introduce myself!


These are their horses…I don’t think they can be too bad, I mean they have ponies!

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