Pig Stew!

Pig soup is my own invention, a recipe-less dinner, cooked up to warm my bones. It is delicious and nutritious!


Into this stew went 2 pounds of pork tenderloin cut into small pieces and seared in batches. Next I dumped in a 16 ounce can of chicken stock and beef stock respectively followed by a similarly sized can of small diced tomatoes with green chiles. I chopped up a whole yellow onion and small head of cabbage and added those. I chopped up three garlic cloves and added them to the soup..I probably would have added more, but three was all I had. I sprinkled in a handful of already cooked bacon bites and a few grinds of pepper and let the whole thing simmer until the cabbage and onion were soft and all the flavors fully melded. MMMMMmmmmm!

It was my first time cooking with cabbage and I was very pleased with its crunchy contribution to the stew. Having cabbage in the mix made me feel all rustic and thrifty (whether or not that is true is another matter!), but I think I will try to grow cabbage next fall. It will be a welcome green for winter time and I will be able to test its cold hardiness.

Do any of you have good cabbage recipes?

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