Jewels in the Bayou

You know what is really awesome? Surprise yarn. Surprise yarn is awesome and so are the friends who bring it.

This yarn has traveled around quite a bit. It was purchased by a friend of Molly’s who succumbed to internet yarn fumes during a Knit Picks sale. When said yarn arrived the friend decided that she didn’t actually want it and thus, because knitters are kind and generous people, gave the two skeins to Molly. Molly brought the skeins along with her when she came to visit me a little while ago. She is in the process of making a Jeweled Cowl with beautiful brown hex beads (to better catch the light) out of one of the skeins. I made admiring noises (how could I not) and expressed my shock that the friend would want to give up yarn in such beautiful colors, totally my colors!

So Molly continuing the tradition of knitterly kindness and generosity handed the second skein over to me, “Have it!”

Be still my heart! Free Yarn! In My Colors!

Feast Your Eyes!


The  color is Bayou which I think is perfect! Deep swampy greens, lighter spanish moss green, the blue of the water, the brown of tree trunks and fetid mud. It makes me think of the deep South. However, I must be honest, I could see this as high alpine forest as well, especially with those lovely high altitude lakes for the blue or the sky. The colors remind me of my November fiber shipment from Huckleberry knits.


Now the question is do I make a Jeweled Cowl so Molly and I can match or do I spin up this fiber and see if my handspun and the Knit picks yarn can be made to work together in an epic project? Time will tell!

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