Valentine Craftiness

Valentine’s Day. A source of agony and joy and irritation for so many people. I’ve always chosen to be very low key about Valentine’s Day. I certainly don’t feel the need to add to the emotional chaos of the day. Like most holidays I like my gifts to be homemade. Coming up with presents for […]

Plastic Bag Holder

Like most people I have a surfeit of plastic bags. It doesn’t seem to matter that I faithfully bring my reusable grocery bags with me into the store. Plastic bags creep into them when I’m not looking and snuggle themselves beneath the lettuce (ok, ok! chocolate chips, whatever!). The entire corner of the under sink […]

Creamy Pasta Sauce and Homemade Gnocchi

I love gnocchi. It was one of my favorite dishes to order at restaurants when I lived in Italy because it is just one of those things that the Italians do  better than anyone else. The two words most used to describe gnocchi are “plump” and “pillowy.” Really there isn’t too much else to say, […]

Rye Bread

Rye bread. The stalwart companion of pastrami, a famed deli tradition. However it is one tradition that I, until recently, I did not appreciate. This is a cryin’ shame as I spent a chunk of my childhood living on the East Coast in the Jersey and Phillie area where delis are a big deal (almost […]

Tragedy Strikes: Last Huckleberry Knits Shipment (alternative title: I love purple)

Signs of Spring! A primrose blooming in my sun room. It made me so happy! All around the house I hear dripping as icicles and snow. Occasionally big chunks of snow fall off the roof with frightening WHOMPS! The ground is still covered in snow, but it is soft and slippery to walk on. The […]