Blanket O’ Love

So I have an awesome group of knitting friends. Totally, totally awesome (also insane, but that only adds to the awesome). I love spending time with them laughing and talking and knitting which we do every week at a very tolerant coffee shop. Recently one of these friends has been going through a rough time so my knit group has decided to knit her a blanket.  Red Heart yarn was purchased and divided up (kids and cats means washable yarn for sure!) and I got to knitting my squares.

The first one is a sheep! It makes me very happy. Very, very, happy!


My second square is a basket weave which I enjoy for its very scrunchy texture. Get your hands on something knit in basket weave and you will know exactly what I mean.


Last Tuesday we finally gifted the blanket and it was very well received!


Excuse the blurriness here. The coffee shop is not well lit, but I couldn’t resist including this photo because of her expression of glee.




Linus Pose!

All in all a very good night!


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