Tragedy Strikes: Last Huckleberry Knits Shipment (alternative title: I love purple)


Signs of Spring! A primrose blooming in my sun room. It made me so happy! All around the house I hear dripping as icicles and snow. Occasionally big chunks of snow fall off the roof with frightening WHOMPS! The ground is still covered in snow, but it is soft and slippery to walk on. The medians of the freeway north of us are bare, the brown startling to the eyes after the endless white. Of course, this means that I am chomping on the bit to start seeds (inside- I haven’t completely lost my mind), but I keep reminding myself that we aren’t even in the middle of February yet! Sighhhhhhh….


My last Huckleberry Knits shipment, named “Crossing to Safety.” I don’t know what inspired the name but I can’t argue with the beautiful colors! This is a polwarth/silk blend and I am very excited to spin it!



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