Winter Sunrise Hat


This is the Winter Sunrise Hat by Elinor Brown.  I love fair isle knitting…the colors and designs absolutely delight me. It was the ethnic flair of this hat that attracted me to it with the crosses and the mitered square shape of the hat. It reminds of a little turkish cap. I picked the colors mostly because my sport weight yarn collection is quite lacking, but also because the colors remind me of the warming up of the earth after a long winter…the golden light that seems rich as dairy cream after the thinness of December’s light and the purple-y red reminds me of the emerging branches of dogwood shrubs, pink cheeked in the cold, but optimistic about their chances. It also happens to look a bit like Gryffindor colors from Harry Potter which is not what I was going for, but oh well.

IMG_5608 copy

It is knit out of acrylic which isn’t ideal for color work as it lacks the elasticity of yarn, but I think it turned out pretty well. The pattern includes notes to knit down from the provisional cast on (the brim) to create a band that would be sewn to the underside of the hat to create a firm brim and extra warmth at the edges of the hat. However, I found that when I had completed the pattern chart the hat was really long on me so rather than knitting down from cast on edge I picked out the provisional cast on, knit a row, bound off and then folded the extra hat length, color work and all underneath to the inside of the hat and stitched it in place.


I’ve already worn it four or five times!


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