Plastic Bag Holder

Like most people I have a surfeit of plastic bags. It doesn’t seem to matter that I faithfully bring my reusable grocery bags with me into the store. Plastic bags creep into them when I’m not looking and snuggle themselves beneath the lettuce (ok, ok! chocolate chips, whatever!). The entire corner of the under sink drawer is stuffed with them! Whenever I open said door, they drift out looking for adventure, mostly just annoying me in the process.

I decided recently that it was time to tidy up! There was no way that I was going to work through my giant collection of plastic bags using them as trash can liners and to hold spare shoes when I pack for a trip. I was going to have to take drastic measures. First, I gathered up at least half of the plastic bags and donated them to the local thrift store/food bank so that they would be able to provide bags for their customers. Then I began researching plastic bag containers, feeling that the plastic bags wouldn’t be such an irritating menace if I contained them.

I used this tutorial from Make It and Love It, loosely, more or less. I had some long scrap strips that a friend gave me that I wanted to use because I didn’t want to cut any more strips and I knew I wouldn’t cry if the sink decided to drip on this fabric and ruin it. I sewed all the strips together to make a long rectangle. Then I sewed channels to hold the elastic at the top and bottom, slid the elastic through pinning it so the top and bottom were pulled in, and sewed up the side (slightly wonky). I then used another strip to make the handle. Since I didn’t really bother to square up the fabric the stripes do not match up. I have to tuck a bit of fabric in order to make the ends of the bag meet neatly.

Plastic bags are shoved into the top and can be pulled out of the smaller opening at the bottom. I am pleased the plastic bags are now contained, but this bag is so large that it can’t hang upright like it was designed to in my under the sink space without blocking my access to my cleaning supplies so it is now laying sideways on the floor of the cupboard like a stowed buoy. Oh well. At least now the plastic bags won’t tumbleweed out of the drawer at me.




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