Valentine Craftiness

Valentine’s Day. A source of agony and joy and irritation for so many people. I’ve always chosen to be very low key about Valentine’s Day. I certainly don’t feel the need to add to the emotional chaos of the day. Like most holidays I like my gifts to be homemade. Coming up with presents for my husband is a challenge as he is one of those people who A) don’t need or want very much B) buys what they want without waiting C) wants or needs things that are really expensive such as power tools and heavy machinery. However a comment he made recently about how soft the flannel pillow cases his mom makes are gave me an idea. Joann’s had a flannel sale about a month ago and I went to look for Valentine-y fabric that wasn’t overly romantic and sappy as the pillowcases are meant to be a gift for him, not me. I came out with a fabric printed in tiny rampaging cartoon godzillas on a red background. Totally Valentine-y! Right?  Right.

Anyway. I used a yard for each pillow case and sewed them with french seams to keep the edges from fraying. I love them! The godzillas are so cute. Luke likes them as well (they are really soft!) and thought it was very funny that I picked a godzilla print for Valentine’s Day.

IMG_5698 copy

Notice the cameo appearance of the quilt that Julia made Luke and I for our wedding.

IMG_5702 copy

RARRR! Rampaging adorable godzillas!

IMG_5703 copy

My Valentine’s Day present was yarn! Well, permission to buy yarn anyway as I wouldn’t subject Luke to the mystery of trying to pick yarn for me. Paradise Fibers, my local yarn store, has gotten in a shipment of Madeline Tosh Yarns and I couldn’t pass it up!



There were also some gorgeous Mountain Color yarn in the sale bin and I nabbed this one, named Huckleberry.


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