Lovely Crafty Friends

I have them.

Jessica, Molly, and I all went to high school together. We all learned to knit around the same time and when we were seniors we were co-president’s of our school knitting group-The Knitting Knerds (Awesome name, Awesome club). Jessica lives on the other side of the mountain from us and occasionally she comes to visit or sends us surprises.

One of her surprises came in the mail yesterday to Molly’s front stoop. I waited in excited agony until Knit Night when Molly could bring it to share. Jessica had given her enough yarn to make knee high stripy socks. My present was the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark which was delightful as I have had that shawl in my favorites on Ravelry for years now. I was so excited! It is the perfect little neck scarf.





The bobble-like shapes you see on the shawl are called nupps. Nupps are made by knitting together a whole bunch of yarn overs into one little bundle. It is an Estonian knitting technique and is something that machines cannot duplicate so whenever you see nupps in knitting that means it is handmade!

Also, recently Molly gave me my Christmas present (Yes, in February. That is how we roll). It is a beautiful woven hounds tooth scarf in two of my favorite colors, in fact, the colors I picked for my wedding.


Isn’t it pretty?




Now I have two beautiful handmade creations to keep my neck warm. Thank you Jessica and Molly!

Hurray for crafty friends!


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