Roadtrip Sketches


As you know, Luke and I took a road trip this summer to California for a cousin’s wedding. Along the way I decided to try sketching from the passenger seat of the car. My thought process was that if I was going to be staring at long expanses of freeways and fields then it wouldn’t be too hard to draw them before we passed them by.


It was actually highly challenging to catch the angles and particulars of what I was seeing before we passed it. I discovered I had to simplify immensely along with modifying the sketch by adding on elements of things I saw after we passed the first scene.


The road directly in front of us was the easiest to capture, along with the backs of cars! Trying to catch the way roads curved or disappeared into the horizon was a great exercise in perspective.


The scribbly things on the far left are olive trees. We passed through a town in CA that was surrounded by olive tree orchards. It made me miss Italy immensely.




The sketch on the left is a composite several landscapes we passed in California.


The rolling hills with what I think were oak trees are such a distinctive sight of the mid-CA coastal region. I was completely fascinated. I would have loved to see the area before the huge metropolises of San Francisco and L.A. took over.

All in all, I enjoyed trying to sketch with the car and I think with some practice I could get things down with a bit more detail.


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