Wipe Canvases


This is an imaginary portrait (of a non-existent person!) that was part of the show at the coffee house. It started out as a “wipe canvas.” Wipe canvas is a term that I have just made up. See whenever I am painting with acrylics I feel really bad about having left over paint because once it dries, it can’t be resuscitated. I can never predict how much paint I need and if I try to use up the leftover paint on my painting it frequently ruins it…so instead I use the leftover paint to experiment with color and brush stokes on another canvas. Because I am working without a plan in mind, it is very freeing and I love to let the paint suggest what I should paint. This turned into a portrait. I did end up using newer paints to finish up this piece so it isn’t purely leftover paint.


This is another of my wipe canvases, far more abstract and kooky than my previous one. The color scheme was set by the paint that I had left over. I originally started the artwork with it in the horizontal position, but I set it aside at one point to continue the work on another piece of art and when I looked down I realized that it looked far better in a vertical orientation! Towards the end I had a nagging feeling that it still needed something and finally I decided that the final touch was for my signature to be yellow!  I enjoy working with acrylics because, unlike watercolor, layering and re-painting is easier and creates exciting effects rather than mud.


This is a wipe canvas in progress. I have no idea where it is going to go! Keep an eye here to see updates!


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