Garden Fever


It has been all garden, all the time around here lately now that night temperatures have started to stay above freezing consistently. All of these plants are in the process of being hardened off on my deck. Last night I even left tomatoes out on the deck! One tomato, Siberian, already has two tiny green fruits on it. I bought it because it is supposed to be able to set fruit at 38 degrees (It is from Russia) and thus far it looks promising.


These are my potatoes that I am growing in a pot to protect them from the voles. I am going to hill up dirt as the greenery grows.


We finally got our deer fence up-the green plastic mesh below and an almost invisible black mesh above. We haven’t gotten the gate done yet but we haven’t had any problems with four legged visitors yet.  The plant outside the fence is rhubarb and since it poisonous I doubt the deer will bother it.


Here’s a closer look at the fence. We used small trees that I thinned out of my in-law’s back yard strapped to t-post to hold up the mesh fencing.


Here is a look at my garden! I’ve separated it out into beds and have been trying to use cardboard and the plastic bags that my potting soil came in to keep down the weeds. The milk jugs are left over from when I needed to cover the plants at night. You can see the two wooden raised beds I built and I built one concrete block bed for watermelon.


In this bed, I’ve planted carrots, Egyptian walking onions, and radishes.


The radishes are “Easter Eggs” and thus far have been delicious-sweet and spicy. I have heard that radish leaves are quite good to eat so I am looking forward to the chance to try them.



Walking onions form scapes on the top of the plant leaves that cause the plant to fall over where it then grows a new plant. This is how the plants “walk” across a garden.


Scape coming out of its covering. The scapes and leaves are edible as well as the bulbs.


I haven’t tried them yet, but I think they will delicious!


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