more garden


The beautiful snow ball viburnum at the north corner of the house.



Rhubarb, wild and unfettered. There are pluses to being poisonous. Notice that I didn’t bother including it in the deer fence.


My purple-blue-yellow garden is looking scrappy, but I think it will get going by the end of the month. The faded yellow “flowers” you see are seed pods. Those mystery plants (I rescued them from the dumpster) bloomed a sulfur yellow in April when I was in dire need of some color.


Veronica ‘Royal Candles’


My bathtub of dahlias. In this picture they look pitiful as they got hit by frost the week before. Right now they are growing vigorously and I have high hopes for them!


This picture is quite old as all of the lilacs are done blooming. I was lucky to inherit 3 white lilacs and one purple lilac. The white lilacs bloomed first then the purple followed later. I think they are just basic variations on the basic Syringa vulgaris as they sucker like crazy!


This is a collection of rosemary, lavender, vines, zinnias, and dahlias waiting to go in the ground. I have whittled their numbers down a bit, but believe me there is still plenty to plant.

However, since we’ve had three days in a row of night temperatures around 36 degrees I’ve decided not to push it too hard. All my tomatoes are soooo mad at me. Well, except for Siberian (a tomato variety from Russian that is said to be able to set fruit at 38 degrees), who I don’t think noticed the weather at all.


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