Fresh ‘Easter Egg’ radishes. They come in purple, red, pink, and white colors and are delicious! Luke likes them best when they are spicy (which happens when they don’t get a lot of water) while I prefer them when they are sweet and have just a little bit of a bite.


I have been enjoying them so much which has been a surprise. I never tried growing them before now, probably because of all of the terrible radishes I had during the school Seder Meal celebration.

Radish leaves are apparently edible as well, but the prickly texture of them worries me a bit so I haven’t given them a try. Maybe later with some spinach and olive oil. I’ll let you know what I think if I get brave!


I decided to plant my radishes in the raised beds I built because the beds are filled with aged manure (at the bottom) and store bought topsoil. This is important because our native soil is rocky clay. Being root vegetables radishes have a hard time getting through heavy soils and rocks can distort them terribly. Despite my best efforts there were still some lumps and the result was the radish above! I believe a heavy clump of soil blocked the radish’s growth at its base and so it’s roots spit around it. Pretty funny looking, huh?


Radishes also don’t like to be transplanted so they are best sown where you are going to grow them. I did that, but I sowed a bit too thickly in places and I tried to transplant the radishes that grew up too close to each other elsewhere in the bed (I have a terrible time throwing out thinned seedlings!). What you see above shows that even if the radish is young, it still HATES being transplanted. On the right, two normal radishes. On the left, a radish that has been transplanted. I tried eating it (Clearly I have a problem with waste and it probably tied to the problem with throwing out seedlings!). it was AWFUL-Woody and gross.  Well, I’ve learned my lesson. No more transplanting radish seedlings.

I have planted a second row in another raised bed and I am looking forward to a second harvest!


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