Frog Frog!

We have had a lot of rain recently. I felt a bit of whiplash from going from frantically running around watering wilted plants as soon as I got home from work to having to empty out pots so that my plants don’t drown (some of my pots don’t have drainage holes). Today I finally got around to lifting out the insert in this pot and discovered that I had visitors!


Tree frogs! We have a population of them that like to live under the deck and sometimes come out to take advantage of the moisture when I water the plants. This is the boldest I’ve ever seen them (probably because of all of the water.



Our second friend was green. Luke and I love the tree frogs here. Besides the fact that they are adorable, they sing in the night around our house, filling our bedroom with music on hot summer nights and they keep down the mosquito population. I’d like to encourage them to be happy here. Seeing their enthusiasm for the my pots I am starting to think about buying a pot without a hole in it and putting in water and some semi-aquatic plants and see what happens. If the frogs take an interest (which I think they will) then we shouldn’t have any problems with mosquito growth.


Does anyone have an experience with building amphibian habitats?


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