Salad Quest


I have been trying to eat more salad lately (Haven’t we all?) and to encourage myself in this quest I have been trying to sow lettuce seeds of all types continuously because not only is home ground salad far more delicious than store bought I am far more likely to eat it more regularly because I cannot stand to waste something that I grew. I placed much of the lettuce in pots on the deck because for a while when I sowed them, the garden beds weren’t ready and then after that because I felt that if I had them in pots on and near the deck I would see them more often thus reminding me that I should eat them. It has been working rather well thus far.

I have a variety of leaf lettuces and my favorite buttercrunch. I have also sown some mesclun mixes so I would have some stuff to spice up the plate. I pick the lettuce, wash it and then spin it dry. When ever I use my lettuce spinner ( A charming XOX brand one with a pump on top that converts up and down energy into round and round energy to my unending delight) it reminds me of my mother. When I was little she used to let me help her dry the lettuce by turning the crank on the top of her yellow and white lettuce spinner. Even then, I thought centrifugal force was the coolest thing!


Here the lettuce is before it got spun. I threw in the last small spinach leaves (they were bolting). The larger leaves are the butter crunch.

And here is where the picture of the salad is not. Because I ate it and didn’t take a picture. No worries though. I still have plenty of lettuce left. There will be more chances to take pictures. Besides my salad didn’t look much different from this above. I squirt lemon juice on the greens, shave some parmesan onto the salad using a carrot peeler and then I eat it. Delicious!

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