Potted and Planted

I thought that this year I would have fewer pots on the deck as I would be able to put more of the plants in the ground. I did remove more than several pots in the pursuit of making my garden, but somehow the quantity seems completely unchanged! I do have to fess up and admit that I bought the black pot in the photo below specifically for the plant growing out of it (Well the one with the dramatic leaf anyway). It is a canna lily! I wanted to keep it safe from the voles and make it a dramatic statement that I’d enjoy every day on my way in and out of the house.


This plant showed no sign of life for weeks. I was beginning to feel extremely nervous when finally after a bout of rain it shot up more than 4 inches over night. Definitely a tropical plant!


Below is a pot full of celosias and a cigar plant (which is a tender perennial). I had hoped that the cigar plant would lure hummingbirds to the deck, but they don’t seem very interested. To be fair to the plant, though, the hummingbirds have been making themselves scarce for a while now.



Below are Nicotiana alata plants, which I also hoped would draw hummingbirds.


I am also growing lettuce on the deck (while I still can! Lettuce bolts when it gets hot) as I find the reminder of walking by it helpful in actually getting the lettuce to plate.


These are fewer than a quarter of the pots I have on the deck. Perhaps I will show you more later!


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