Tragedy Strikes: Last Huckleberry Knits Shipment (alternative title: I love purple)

Signs of Spring! A primrose blooming in my sun room. It made me so happy! All around the house I hear dripping as icicles and snow. Occasionally big chunks of snow fall off the roof with frightening WHOMPS! The ground is still covered in snow, but it is soft and slippery to walk on. The […]

Huckleberry Knits Fiber Club

EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am so excited! Molly got me a 3 month subscription to Huckleberry Knits Fiber Club. We first encountered Huckleberry knits at the Black Sheep Gathering. We frolicked in her booth and I have a little Huckleberry Knits fiber horde in my craft room, so of course I was thrilled to add to the […]

Washing Alpaca

In around my busyness I have been washing alpaca fleeces! I am using the same method that I used when washing the Suffolk sheep fleece previously. I have to say that since alpaca doesn’t have lanolin it is so much easier to clean. I am using a much smaller wash bin and I do not […]

Fleece Fun

Recently it has been hot around here. Really hot. Like hard to sleep, sweating while doing nothing hot. However because I am a fiber addict I have found a way to work with wool through the heat. I’ve been sitting on the couch cutting the still dirty tips off that wool that I washed a […]