Bulbils, the small buds on the tips of the onion leaves have not only formed, they are beginning to flower! The bulbils send out shoots, their weight causing the onion stalks to bend. Soon the bulbils will reach the dirt, root and form new onions. I’ve got to start figuring out recipes to use these […]


          Sorry for the long absence everyone. Please enjoy these quick shots of what my indoor plant starting looked like about a month ago.   And below, what plants look like now! Lots of tomatoes, a gaillardia, some zinnias….       Peppers   Cucumbers! Lavender and rosemary grown from cuttings […]

Wildflowers in Bloom

I am loving all the spring flowers right now, but what is making me happiest are the meadows of arrowleaf balsamroot that are springing up all over town. Whenever I see their sunny faces high up on a hill orĀ  sprinkling throughout a park or the wild medians of Spokane, it makes me smile. They […]