Spin, Spin, Spin, Round and Round.

You must all pardon my long breaks between postings I’m afraid. Life has been busy.   In apology please enjoy some of my recent spinning. A silk/merino blend from Fiber optic   More of the suffolk/dorper blended fiber that I prepped myself. I have enough to make a whole sweater! A delightful Huckleberry Knits braid […]

Huckleberry Knits Fiber Club

EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am so excited! Molly got me a 3 month subscription to Huckleberry Knits Fiber Club. We first encountered Huckleberry knits at the Black Sheep Gathering. We frolicked in her booth and I have a little Huckleberry Knits fiber horde in my craft room, so of course I was thrilled to add to the […]