Sorry for the long absence everyone. Please enjoy these quick shots of what my indoor plant starting looked like about a month ago.   And below, what plants look like now! Lots of tomatoes, a gaillardia, some zinnias….       Peppers   Cucumbers! Lavender and rosemary grown from cuttings […]

Plein Air Painting

Plein air or outdoor painting and sketching season is slowly trickling away. Rain and cold make it difficult to sit outside for long periods at a time and to continue sketching things not in the house requires some creativity such as using the inside of your car as shelter and parking it in interesting places, […]


Every year for my brother’s birthday and at Christmas I make him something ridiculous. He loves deep sea creatures, video games and all sorts of funny Internet stuff. As a result, I am usually giggling as I make him his present. Recently his presents have included a knitted angler fish and knitted squid as well […]

Life Recently

I washed the solid fabric for my quilt! They will look good with the prints, don’t you think? I turned this: Into this: I trimmed the viburnum next the house so it would stop trying to crawl its way through our bedroom window and then looked at the pile of branches on the ground and […]


Recently I discovered a tumblr page called Rustic.Meets.Vintage. It is a great website full of beautiful inspiration (hence the post). It makes me want to go antiquing and poke around in old barns and make beautiful arrangements all over my house. To be realistic though, I will probably never be as stylish as this blog…but […]