Bloom day

Dwarf shasta daisy. Rainbow chard glowing in the evening light. Coreopsis ( of the domesticated variety). I cut back my salvia after it bloomed and got a repeat performance! Russian Sage with my constant companion, the grasshopper (or cricket? I don’t know. This is why I am getting a guide book from the library). Zinnia! […]

Odds and Ends

Here are some strange mushrooms that appeared overnight in our gravel driveway last month during our week of rain. They have held up surprisingly well through our hot weather and are just starting to shrivel. They look a lot like puffballs!   Here is what my salads have been looking like. I really need to […]


Bulbils, the small buds on the tips of the onion leaves have not only formed, they are beginning to flower! The bulbils send out shoots, their weight causing the onion stalks to bend. Soon the bulbils will reach the dirt, root and form new onions. I’ve got to start figuring out recipes to use these […]

Salad Quest

I have been trying to eat more salad lately (Haven’t we all?) and to encourage myself in this quest I have been trying to sow lettuce seeds of all types continuously because not only is home ground salad far more delicious than store bought I am far more likely to eat it more regularly because […]